b. 1973 UK, Durham


Born and brought up in the north east of England, I completed a degree course in Fine Art in 1995, moved to Edinburgh in 1995.  Having painted on and off, I recently began painting in earnest again the past few years, using the skills I learned in study course and passion for painting over the years.  . 


I work from a studio at home, and in winter do a lot of painting on an easel in the kitchen where it's warm, gets chilly up here.  Mainly work in in oil paint on fine grade linen which I prime and sand with several coats to a smooth finish


I take inspiration from the great painterly painters, I am looking at contemporary painters, london school, impressionists, expressionists, titian (based one of my degree show paintings on a titian), there are so many fantastic contemporary painters working today, my mate Paul Smith is a brilliant painter.  

What is my work about

In my work I try to capture some aspects of what it means to be alive, imagination and memory of places before technology and travel when the world was a bigger place, temporary and fleeting experience, light, love, nature, inevitable decay of things, greek mythology