Bright futures I (2021)

Oil on linenl 30 x 30cm

b. 1973 UK, Durham


Born and brought up in the north east of England, I completed a degree course in Fine Art in 1995 at the University of Central Lancashire, moved to Edinburgh in 1995


I work from a home studio, painting on a large easel using traditional oil paints on fine grade linen and panels, which I prime and sand with several coats to a smooth finish


I take inspiration from many sources, the local environment, people, found images, and admire classic, modern and contemporary painters

What is my work about

In my work I try to capture some aspects of what it means to be alive, imagination and memory of places before technology and travel when the world was a bigger place, temporary and fleeting experience, light, love, nature, inevitable decay of things, greek mythology and how earlier civilisations made sense of the world

I am drawn to pigments and colour and so at a very simple level, whether abstract or figurative, my work is also simply about the colour