Edinburgh based painter

In my work I explore themes of memory, imagination, permanence and experience

I am interested in how we experience and make sense of the world, contrasts, mythological beliefs, how we used to imagine far away places before the advent of photography, imagination playing a far greater part, the fleeting nature of experience, time perspective, mountains were here a long time before we were here and they’ll be there a long time after we’ve gone. 

Those are some of the ideas, but not the whole story, like most painters I enjoy the alchemy of taking raw materials, pigments, oil, canvas and creating images, fabulous paint.  In a way the images are vehicle for the colours, the process is as much a part of the outcome as the idea

This site has my current work and history so you can see how it evolves, thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy looking

Best wishes - Adrian

Instagram   here_is_ag